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Filippo Carzaniga joined the FIMER group in 2006 as Marketing Manager, after graduating in Communication Sciences at the IULM Free University of Languages and Communication. In 2008 he was appointed Head of the newly established Business Unit dedicated to Renewable energies, delegated to the Commercial Department "Large Customers". In 2012 he was appointed General Manager of FIMER S.p.A. In 2014 he left FIMER S.p.A. and moved abroad where he held the position of Chairman of Fintechno TLC. In January 2018 he returned to the FIMER group as Managing Director and member of the Board of Directors. In addition to this position, he is currently in charge of the new-born Business Unit active in developing solutions for the infrastructure of electric mobility (Energy in motion). 

In March 2019 he was appointed CEO and in April 2020 he became Chairman of the group.   

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