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Extended Statement

Extended Statement

What are cookies and how they are used

1. Definition of “cookie” and similar technologies:
Cookies are little text files used by visited sites to send to a device (pc, smart phone, tablet,  consolle, etc.)  which allow to operate on a site and to collect information regarding the online activity of the user. During the navigation on a site, the user can receive on his device also cookies sent by other sites, web services and different providers (c.d. “third parts”), on which can be some elements (for example images, maps, sounds, specific links to other domains pages) appearing on the visited site. There are different types of cookies, however the main aim for involving this kind of technology is to make the site more efficient, to enable certain functions and to make more easy the navigation for the user. The Owner of the treatment of personal data, in accordance to the existing discipline on personal data protection and, in particular, to the Authority Provision “Individuation of simplified ways for the statement and acquisition of consent for the using of cookies” issued on 8th May 2014 (published in G.U. n. 126 of 3rd June 2014), informing on cookies use of this internet site.

2. Purposes of treatment and technical cookies session aims:
This kind of cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of some site areas and include both permanent cookies and session ones. In absence of these cookies, the site or some parts could not correctly work. Therefore they are always used, independently of user’s likes, for aims related to informatics authentications execution, sessions monitoring, specific technical information memorizing regarding users who access to this Site. To install these cookies it is not required the anticipated users consent, while there is the obligation for the Owner of Treatment, to provide the statement under art. 13 of Privacy Rules, since these are strictly necessary for service supply.

3. Purposes of treatment and marketing analysis aims:
In addition to technical cookies, on this site are also used “profiling” cookies to create profiles regarding tastes, choices and inclinations of the user during navigation and later on used to send advertising in line with his preferences. Because of the particular invasiveness of these methods in relation to the private sphere of users, it is established that the user must be duly informed and express his valid consent (art. 122, comma 1 of Privacy Code: “The storage of information inside the device of a contractor or user or the access to information already stored are just allowed under the condition the contractor or user has expressed his consent after being informed with the simplified modes under art. 13, comma 3”). In this regard the Owner of Treatment underlines that it is possible to modify in every moment the installing preferences of each cookie, also how to disable their use on browser, although this may prevent to access to some parts of the site. Every browser has specific managing modes for cookies.
Therefore, understanding the free choice recognized to the user, regarding the data managed by cookies, please note that, under art. 122, comma 2 of Privacy Code, the consent for the use of these cookies is expressed by the concerned person also by the individual setting of browser used for the navigation on Site.

4. Third parts Web Sites:
During the navigation on a site, the user can receive on his device also cookies sent by other sites, web services and different providers (c.d. “third parts”), on which can be some elements (for example images, maps, sounds, specific links to other domains pages) placed on servers different from the one where there is the required page. In other words, these cookies are directly set by site managers,  web server or providers different from the manager of this site. In these cases, our Company states to be alien to the operating of these cookies, which are under the responsibility of the third companies. This is explained by the Warrantor of personal data protection by adopting the Measure on this theme issued on 8th May 2014: “The obligation to inform the user on cookies use and to obtain in advance the consent hangs over the Manager of the site which uses them, as owner of the treatment. In case of a site allows the transmission of “third parts” cookies, the statement and the acquisition of the consent are normally in charge of the third part. It is necessary that the user is duly informed, although with simplified modes provided by law, in the moment he enter the site which allows the storage of third parts cookies, or rather when he enter the contents provided by third parts and before cookies are downloaded on his device”.

How to modify the settings on cookies

Most of the browsers automatically accept cookies, but the user can normally modify the settings to disable this function. It is possible to block all cookies typologies or accept to receive only some and disable others. The section “Options” or “Preferences” on browser menu avoid to receive cookies and other user tracing technologies, in addition to the chance to obtain the notify of activating by the browser. Otherwise it is also possible to consult the “Help” section from the toolbar showed by the most part of browsers.

It is also possible to follow the instructions for each browser:

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– Opera.

Mobile device:

– Android;

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