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Fimer at a glance

The Leading Inverter Technology Player

Fimer Spa is a rapidly growing company specialized in the inverter technology and serving the solar power, welding and E-mobility industries

  • First company in the world to serve 1.500 V solar modules technology thanks to 7.4 MVA Inverter Power Station
  • First Enel X supplier in the E-mobility infrastructure development in Italy
  • First company in Italy to introduce inverter technology in welding industry

Since March 2017, Fimer has been a member of the ELITE Network. ELITE is a programme that helps fast-growing private companies prepare and structure for further growth through sharing experiences, access to financing opportunities and education.

ELITE offers an innovative approach through training and access to a diverse community of companies, entrepreneurs, investors and corporate advisers.

Companies – like Fimer - access a unique digital platform enabling collaboration and communication with peers and partners. ELITE is part of Borsa Italiana and London Stock Exchange Group.
Find more about our journey in ELITE HERE

Revenues 2017
% sales 2017 abroad
CAGR revenues 2015-2017
fimer at a glance

fimer at a glance


Sede Operativa:
Via J. F. Kennedy 26 - 20871 Vimercate (MB) - Italy

Sede Legale:
Viale Regina Margherita 294 – 00198 Roma – Italy
REA RM-1604921  – Cap. Soc. € 4.104.000,00
C.F. 00813050150 – P.IVA 00695140962


Phone: +39 039 98.98.1
Fax: +39 039 60.79.334