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AC EV Charger Line

AC EV Charger Line

The FIMER AC EV Charger line is designed based on solidity, functionality and maintainability, in compliance with the international IEC 61851-1 standard.


It is a charging point able to recharge up to two electric vehicles in alternating current, each up to 22kW, which can be configured in different ways.

  • "Island mode" (stand-alone), where the charging point provides the maximum power required by the vehicle, according to the recharge, protection and network conditions.

  • "Local mode", where the charging point is connected to a local system that allows to restart the power available between the various charging points, in order to manage the peaks of power and absorption of energy.

  • "Networked mode", where the charging point is intelligently connected to a centralized system through an internet connection, through which you can manage the authorizations, the accounting, the permits and payments of energy.

The FIMER AC-EV charging points are made of durable materials, designed to withstand the weather conditions of an outdoor installation and ensure an extremely simple use both for the user and for the maintainer. In fact, the electronic control devices are accessibile separately from the power parts, with great advantages in terms of safety and robustness.

Equipment and configurations

AC-EVC-010 – stand Alone

CONFIGURAZIONI 01It is a charging unit for stand-alone installation and charging in AC method 3 with power up to 2x22kW in basic configuration, aesthetically appealing, sturdy, designed for maximum simplicity of use

The charging unit is designed in accordance with the current legislation and it is the most reliable solution in order to offer free recharging stations, typically in environments semi-public or private, such as parking lots. It is equipped with a series of:

  • Up to two Type 2 sockets, equipped with all the measurement and protection systems, electromechanical retention during charging, communication with the electric vehicle, connection monitoring and regulation of the current  through PWM.

  • Status LED with color code for each socket (available, fault, in recharge, etc ...)

  • Preparation RFiD reader for activation and interruption of the recharge (only provision)


AC-EVC-020 – Master-slave

CONFIGURAZIONI 02It is a charging point equipped with all the features of the Stand-alone one, with some additional features, which allow the installation of multiple devices interconnected.

  • LCD Display with status, kWh counter, instantaneous kW, etc ...

  • operating RFiD reader

  • Intelligent fault management, with circuit-breaker closing automatic or remotely manageable.

  • Local network functionality: connection of several charging untits, management of preferential loads and load separation for maximum power reached.

  • Optional remote monitoring via modem with OCPP 1.6 protocol and different construction characteristics (ex .: shutter)

AC-EVC-030-Future Net

CONFIGURAZIONI 01It is a charging point equipped with the previous configuration features, also allows to be customized according to the needs of the customer. It is therefore equipped with:

  • An intelligent remote monitoring and control system with an app for the customer and with a dashboard for the operator, with accounting energy, which will allow the roaming between various operators.

  • Local 5-inch display.

  • Option of different configurations of the sockets, for public domain use.

  • Customizations (optional) in appearance.

  • Contactless POS for local payment of the recharge (optional).


Ground facilities


Wall installation


Pole installation



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