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Inverter for Life

With our Solar Division we develop Solutions for Utility or Large Scale PV plants in the main global markets, such as Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, India and Asia South Est.

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Thanks to our Branches around the world, we can support our Customers in every phase of the project, from engineering to production, from site construction activities to commissioning and O&M. The project completion is only the 50% of our job. We are really satisfied when the efficiency is granted for the all life of the plant, when support is at the highest level and when we can quickly step in, thanks to our local presence.                                    

We apply in our daily work 35 years experience in the development of power inverter to ensure the best. The renewable energy sector opened a universe of possibilities, you can create a new Energy concept: safe, clean and detached from all the critical issues affecting the traditional sources. 

Being able to imagine a different environment provides, to those who work in this industry, a unique opportunity: create business by preserving what surrounds us, create wealth without depleting the environment.

FIMER has captured all of this in its DNA and on this basis he formed his own company already in 1942, by maintaining this attitude also in the production of its PV Modular Inverter & Solutions today.

This is what makes us unique.

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